Gas Balloon Fiesta In Albuquerque

There is a unique event that is held in Albuquerque, known as the Balloon Fiesta. There are several events that often hold the attention of attendees or people living in the region, but this particular event is characterized by an event that involves gas balloons which make it unique.

Balloon Fiesta In Albuquerque

The Balloon Fiesta now has gas balloons as a fixed attraction at the event which started from the early eighties. At the beginning, gas balloon owners and those who could fly such fixtures were invited to participate in the event. After five years of invitations being sent to such people, it soon became a prestigious event for gas balloon enthusiasts. This occurred in 1993 when Gordon Bennett hosted the 37th Coupe Aeronautique event. As a result of the following year, the eighth World Gas Balloon Championship was held. Mark Sullivan was the recipient of the award named Montgolfier Diploma, considered one of the highest honors in ballooning. It also helped to establish the Gas Balloon Race America’s Challenge. The race was modeled such that the team that flew the longest would win. The challenge remains open to all countries even today when the event is held.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta was unveiled in 1995 by Mark Sullivan. The first night of the event saw a moonlit sky being a testimony to gas balloons flown by thirteen teams that represented about five countries. The views were spectacular for all those who witnessed it. The second night saw all the gas balloons to have landed safely and the American team claimed victory. It was the first gas balloon race that was held in America of international standards. The fiesta continues and has had several hallmark events that have encouraged several gas balloon enthusiasts to take part in and see their passion reach new heights.