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Balloons As A Business Marketing Tool

Colorful balloons are an effective way to get the attention of the people. Hence, they can be used for promoting businesses and event. Balloons can be used in different ways at events at retail outlets and in Expos. Apart from acting as a marketing tool they also offer decoration of the area. Balloons with your company logo can also be handed out to the guests at the events so that the brand name of your product or service will reach to your target customers more effectively. Printed balloons can be used to get any message reach the people.

Floating balloons

The balloons floating in the air will attract the attention of any person. Helium filled latex balloons can last for 2 to 3 days as they can withstand different weather conditions. Mylar or foil balloons can last even more than latex balloons. They can be used along with banners to catch the attention of people to your pavilion at the expo or at festivals. You can re-use foil balloons by re-filling it with helium. When you need the balloon in the air for a longer period, you can opt for Mylar balloons. Colored balloons can get the attention of the people from a distance and they will definitely give you more business.

Balloons As A Business Marketing Tool

How to use for marketing?

Balloons can be used in countless ways for marketing businesses. They can be used for displays at festivals, in meeting halls, exhibitions, sales, parties, malls, sports stadiums. Beautiful sculptures and arches can be created using the latex balloons. They can be used for decorating the meeting halls, pavilions at expos, retail shops, etc. If your business is children-oriented, then the best way to attract the little customers is to use balloons in different shapes and colors. These balloons can be used for the launching of new product or for the opening of a new shop. There are balloons available in the shape of animals and cartoon characters to attract the children.

Printed balloons

Printed balloons are a cost effective way to promote the products and businesses. Using printed balloons will increase the visibility of the product. You get the balloons printed with your logo or messages. It is better to keep the print simple. Customers will not be interested in reading long information printed on balloons. You can get the balloons printed according to your marketing needs and according to your budget from reputed suppliers of printed balloons.


Use Party Balloons To Brighten Up Any Event

There is no other thing that can brighten up a party and put life into it than the balloons. No matter the party is to celebrate your 16th birthday or a school dance event or a graduation ceremony or a wedding party, you can make use of customized balloons to add life to the celebration of the events. There are many balloon dealers who can offer customized balloons to suit the event or occasion you are celebrating.

Party Balloons

Balloons can be used in myriad ways

There are plenty of ways by which you can use the balloons to make the party or an event lively. The balloons can turn an ordinary looking party into a colorful and bright one.

  •         Balloon arches

A simple room can be transformed into a totally different room by creating balloon arches at the entrance. You can use single colored or dual toned arches, according to the event. The balloon arches and shooting columns can be joined together to form an attractive looking welcome tunnel.

  •         Ceiling balloons

The look of a dance floor or any party room can be completely transformed when you use the ceiling balloons. They create a spectacular effect to the room. You can drop use various sized balloons and allow them to hang from the ceiling of the room. They will reflect the light in a unique way to brighten the room.

  •         Balloon letters and numbers

If you are celebrating a milestone event like 50th wedding anniversary, 80th birthday, then you can use the high-quality balloons to create the milestone number. This will be well appreciated by the guests and the person who is celebrating this event.

  •         Balloons as centerpieces

Some of the ways to make balloon centerpieces are by creating balloon bouquets and balloon inside the balloons. You can create custom balloon centerpieces that are based on the theme of the event. You can place photos, happy birthday tags, props on the balloon bouquets that you place in the center of the table where every guest is seated to show them why they are here. The centerpieces can be used to tell a story about the event or just to give an added attraction to the room. We had a birthday party for the owner of a company that does junk removal vancouver and we used balloons with pictures of his family members on them. It was a huge hit. 

The ways you can use the balloons to add life to an event are endless. You need to use your creativity to create a lively party experience using balloons.

How To Make Use Of Balloons For Parties?

There is no better thing that you can decorate the kiddies’ birthday parties or a new product launch or even a wedding party than by using the balloons. It is a very good decorative piece for any event and is most suited for budget party organizers. The balloons come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs these days. All that you got to do is to give your brains a little bit of exercise to find out ways of interesting ideas that you can use to create attractive looking balloon decoration ideas for the party.

Balloons For Parties

Look at the basics

  •         The first thing you need to decide on is what type of color combination you need for a certain party. Are you looking for a rainbow of balloons or a two-toned color combination or single color? Choose the style that fits your party.
  •         It is important to choose the right type of balloons like latex or Mylar, depending on the event. The latex balloons are the best option as they can be blown easily can be used outside and are good if children are around.
  •         You should choose the balloons depending on the size of the party hall. The large room will need a number of balloons.
  •         The next option is to decide on whether you would need helium filled or non-helium filled balloons. The sight of various colored helium balloons over your head is really eye-catching and makes the event more glamorous.

Creative ideas to use air filled balloons

The air filled balloons can be pinned to the party hall walls and you can choose various colored balloons and different sized balloons as well. The different colored strings on to the base of the balloon and let it hang downwards. Adding some miniature dolls or marbles to the base of the string adds to the party flavor. You can also think of creating geometric shapes using the balloons. You can make arches, dolls or flowers using the balloons. If you have some artistic skills, then you can also decorate the balloons to give them a totally different look. You can use the permanent markers to draw smileys or faces on the balloons. You can also use glue and glitter to give a new look to the balloons. First, dip the balloon in a bowl containing glue and then dip it in a bowl containing glitter to give a two-color and shining effect to the balloons.

Gas Balloon Fiesta In Albuquerque

There is a unique event that is held in Albuquerque, known as the Balloon Fiesta. There are several events that often hold the attention of attendees or people living in the region, but this particular event is characterized by an event that involves gas balloons which make it unique.

Balloon Fiesta In Albuquerque

The Balloon Fiesta now has gas balloons as a fixed attraction at the event which started from the early eighties. At the beginning, gas balloon owners and those who could fly such fixtures were invited to participate in the event. After five years of invitations being sent to such people, it soon became a prestigious event for gas balloon enthusiasts. This occurred in 1993 when Gordon Bennett hosted the 37th Coupe Aeronautique event. As a result of the following year, the eighth World Gas Balloon Championship was held. Mark Sullivan was the recipient of the award named Montgolfier Diploma, considered one of the highest honors in ballooning. It also helped to establish the Gas Balloon Race America’s Challenge. The race was modeled such that the team that flew the longest would win. The challenge remains open to all countries even today when the event is held.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta was unveiled in 1995 by Mark Sullivan. The first night of the event saw a moonlit sky being a testimony to gas balloons flown by thirteen teams that represented about five countries. The views were spectacular for all those who witnessed it. The second night saw all the gas balloons to have landed safely and the American team claimed victory. It was the first gas balloon race that was held in America of international standards. The fiesta continues and has had several hallmark events that have encouraged several gas balloon enthusiasts to take part in and see their passion reach new heights.