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If you look at how balloons came to be, these were first invented in France in the 18th century. They were initially made out of paper bags that were filled with hot air. This made the bags rise up. Later on, experiments were done to create balloons out of different materials like silk, cloth, and paper. A public demonstration was made where the balloons were made lighter than air by a cloth that was lined with paper. Around the same time, about 1783, Jacques Charles filled a balloon made of silk that had a rubber varnish and was filled with hydrogen gas. All these demonstrations led to much excitement and the concept was worked upon to finally give form to the rubber bases balloons that are used today.

Today there are balloons made of durable latex that is tough and can outlast different weather conditions. Filled with helium gas and designed in different ways with colors and finishes that have long lasting effects, balloons are not only associated with children’s birthday parties but also with several marketing activities. These gas filled decor items can grab instant attention in malls, when you tie them to retail banners or by doors to advertise the beginning of a new campaign or when you are launching a new shop.

Here you will find interesting articles on balloons. There are so many ways to put the balloons to decorative uses, especially for parties. They can be wonderful additions to any event, not only for kids but also for adults. With the diverse designs available, you can even order customized balloons to promote or give a unique gift to someone.